Mike Hardy has a question

I wrote:

Folks like Mike aren’t content with the fact that I don’t think homosexual temptation a sin. They want very much for me to not regard it as temptation.

and he asks:

I just went through my entire blog after reading this statement. I could not find one place where I suggest that anyone needs to avoid seeing the homosexual orientation as a temptation. Can anyone else find it?

Perhaps I misunderstood. Mike rejects the Church’s very sensible teaching that homosexuality is an objective moral disorder. This suggests to me that he does not think homosexual desire is temptation but is something more along the lines of what the nice but deeply confused Progressive Catholic thinks: a natural and even “God-given” condition like blue eyes or lefthandedness. If it is not objectively morally disordered I don’t see how it could be a temptation. If it is, then I don’t see what’s wrong with what I wrote.

As to PC’s likening of homosexuality to lefthandedness, one wonders if all allegedly morally disordered conditions are the same in his book? What distinguishes the person who “can’t help” his attraction to children from somebody who “can’t help” his attraction to the same sex? Is that also a bit of diversity to celebrate? It will be important for Progressive Catholic to find a coherent answer to that question quick because Judith “What’s so Bad about Sex with Children? Let’s Abandon These Irrational Taboos!” Levine and her minions will be urging it on the body politic sooner than he realizes. Purely emotion-based answers like “ick” won’t do. Answers rooted in the actual Catholic Tradition are much sturdier. That’s why it’s important to understand that Tradition before you start critiquing it, Anthony.