Kathy Shaidle tells us that the South African Catholic Church is refusing to report abuses cases to the cops

For those of you with Jesuit educations, that’s called “obstruction of justice”. For those of you who poo-poo the idea that a renegade subculture of homosexual contempt for chastity and orthodoxy would never engage in criminal activity in order to protect itself from the consequences of its behavior, recall that his ever-so-esteemed Bp. Reginald Cawcutt, Point Man for St. Sebastian’s Angel’s, a Web porn ring for priests, is a South African bishop. There is, of course, no conceivable connection between the sort of gross and graphic stuff in this link (authored by the good bishop himself) and the subculture which has produced South African pervert priests and their scofflaw bishops. Obviously these guys are interested in living life out loud and in the daylight. Men such as them would welcome the investigation of the cops. So there must be some other reason they are are trying to obstruct investigation. Probably it’s got something to do with celibacy.