Some Call it Advanced Probability Theory…

I call it the Duck Test. C.S. Lewis summed it up well: “The difficulty of giving an explanation for the life and teaching of Jesus of Nazareth that is not harder than the Christian explanation is very great.” Similarly, alternative explanations of what unbelieving weenies like John Dominic Crossan or Robert Funk call the “Easter Event” and what believers call the Glorious Resurrection of Jesus Christ are, like Crossan and Funk’s work for the meretricious and mendacious Jesus Seminar, totally lame. These guys are one more reason I respect a solid atheist like Christopher Hitchens. He holds theism in contempt and has the guts to say so. I can respect that sort of honesty however much I think him wrong. These guys hold theism in contempt and yet function like blood flukes in the Body of Christ, parasitically using Christianese theobabble to deliver more Judas kisses to the Christ they pretend to care about. Odious, odious men.