Where’s EWTN?

A reader writes:

A priest friend wants to know why EWTN isn’t going to do gavel to gavel coverage of the bishops’ meeting in Dallas. It has done so in the past, for far less important meetings. It may not have done so in recent years. Still, this is perhaps the most important meeting of the American bishops ever. They need to be open to the Catholic people, don’t you think? We need to see this.

It’s an excellent question. They’ve been bold about holding miscreant bishops’ feet to the fire in the past, if a bit mouthy at times. If you are an EWTN viewer (I’m not. We don’t have a TV and if we did, we couldn’t afford cable, and if we could, it’s not available out here in Seattle as far as I know) why not drop them a line here and politely ask them to cover this. We gotta know what’s going on. Remember that word: politely.