Aquinas and ET

I was semi-wrong about St. Thomas and the Klingons.

A reader writes:

There was an article in The Thomist last year, by Marie I. George, titled “Aquinas on Intelligent Extra-terrestrial Life.” In her

summary, she writes:

“Aquinas does not favor the idea that other human-type beings exist because he thinks that the human soul represents the very lowest type of intelligence, whereas the human body represents the very highest material body. However, he does remain open to the possibility.

“From a theological standpoint, Aquinas explains that there is no reason for concern here because it is not the task of Scripture to

classify the beings in the universe. Yet he explicitly denies that it is probable that other human-type bodies exist…. There are two other probable arguments that can be drawn from Aquinas, one against and one in favor of the existence of other human-like creatures. On the one hand, the human species would reflect God’s goodness in a special way by being unique, while, on the other hand, it is befitting to God’s goodness that he create more of better creatures. Aquinas leans in the direction of the former view, but realizes that the latter could in fact be the case. By doing so, he gives us an example of the circumspection that this matter demands.”