Jesuit Moral Theology 101

Guiding Principle No. 1: It’s better to look good than be good.

Here follows a message sent to the houses of the Jesuit Community of the Jesuit School of Theology at Berkeley by the rector. The Jesuit Conference Committee on Formation is the organ that sets national policies for U.S. Jesuits in formation. Not a parody.


Please read this or hand it out to your community members at your meeting this evening, or whenever you have your next community meeting. Note: it is a draft and they are asking for feedback, if you have any. Thanks.

Note this is a draft. Feedback should be sent to your formation assistant by e mail or other means.

“Because of some imprudence by Jesuits in the past with regard to bars and the possible harm to the reputation of this community, the Society and the Church, the Jesuit Conference Committee on Formation is asking this of the community:

- Please avoid bars that are notorious for one reason or another, bars that are used for cruising and pick ups.

- If you do go to a bar ask yourself these questions:

- why am I here?

- what am I looking for?

- how am I here?

- do I have a designated driver, if necessary?

Think of the reputation of your community, of the Society and the Church.”

I’m thinking. I’m thinking.