Dale cracks me up while he breaks my heart

The mainline Protestants (Motto: “Smaller and more irrelevant by the hour!”) have cognitive difficulties (read: less common sense than God gave cabbage) that rival those of our own clerics. In this case, it’s not pervert shuffling, but the coddling of terrorists.

Essentially, many of the mainliners have come to the conclusion that while terror might be bad, the war on it is much, much worse. While there are more vile sections (Rev. Broyles apparently thinks that Al Qaeda’s Press Secretary position is open), this one stood out for me:

“Like other major American denominations, the United Methodists avoided direct condemnation of those responsible for the September 11 attacks. Barely a month had passed before the Methodist General Board of Church and Society rejected the use of military force to fight “criminal” acts of terror.”

As an ex-United Methodist, I can’t claim to have been the most on-fire member of my local church. I came to Catholicism thanks to the grace of God, and through no other reason. However, it’s safe to say that the leftist moral equivalence mentality of the Methodist heirarchy, as represented by behavior like this, offered no impediment to my conversion. Incidents like this, and the goofball attempts to remove the handful of patriotic songs from the Hymnal, left me with the distinct impression that the Methodist leadership believed that the Gospel required the paring off of anything that might give offense to NPR listeners. Not that the majority aren’t great Christians (three cheers for the “Good News Movement”), but it was clear that the heirarchy was leading the church down the primrose path of secular acceptance. By that, of course, I mean annihilation. Short of a conversion rivaling that on the Damascus road, there’s no help for these folks. Vats of thorazine can’t help the morally insane.

And don’t get me started on the National Council of Churches, either. The Elian debacle was enough to make me violently ill. Watching the Rev. [ha!] Joan Brown Campbell do everything this side of giving Fidel Castro and his hellish dictatorship a tongue bath ensured that I will take grim satisfaction in the monetary bankruptcy of that financially-troubled organization. The moral version apparently happened decades ago.

Which brings me to my final point: obviously, our Catholic shepherds also have utterly failed to be models of moral clarity. And the sins of our shepherds offend even hardened criminals–sending off perverts to offend again and again. The mainliners at least can try to hide behind a political screen. If the antics of the Methodist heirarchy repulsed me, how many more Catholics are we losing to the Scandal thanks to the bad witness of the bishops?