Celibacy and Fr. Spiderman, SJ (Society of Justice)

An attentive reader writes:

I just wanted to second your remarks about the Web-Head. The ending of the movie is a resounding affirmation of priestly celibacy. MJ asks, “JUST friends?”, and Peter replies, “That’s all I have to give.” He realizes the calling to which he has already committed himself. A priest friend of mine said this was the most affirming thing he’d heard about his vocation in months. So that’s the REV. Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man to you, sir.

Furthermore, this seems to be the start of a cinematic blockbuster trend- after all, piecing together the Star Wars previews and what we already know of the Jedi “Order”, it’s Anakin’s inability to remain true to his celibacy vow that will land him in a whole heap o’ trouble, ultimately leading to the Dark Side. Interesting.

Sorry- your Matrix commentary led me down this path.

Interesting and perceptive point about Spidey. Dunno if celibacy is really the problem with Anakin, but it’s a fun point!