Sandra Miesel writes me…

On your coverage of the priest scandals: do you seriously think anything

will really be done in the US or that Rome will take effective action? Some

of my cynicism stems from being at one remove a victim myself: in the 1920s,

my mother was repeatedly molested by a degenerate priest. He worked over all

the little girls as a finale to catechism class. Any wonder she grew up

crazy, suspicious of priests, and left the Church as soon as she grew up. The

man was not only never accused, he had a reputation for “sanctity.”

Always a comfort to know this is an old problem (sigh). As to the hope of change, I remain hopeful. Precisely what did not happen in the 20s (nor any decade after till the present) is what’s happening now: massive public attention and outrage. Pain is good educator and the bishops are feeling more and more of it. I fervently hope that the sacrifices of so many innocents will at last lead to the reform of the Church in this area. The Lord hears the cry of the oppressed. My hope is not in men, but in God.