Must. Win. Must. Win!

Just got a note from Charles Collins at Vatican Radio, sent to me, Amy, Emily, Kathy Shaidle and Some Unknown Mystery Guest:

The story on Catholic-blogging will appear tomorrow (Friday) on 105Live here in Rome. It will go out at (Rome time) 11:10 am, 5:10 pm, and 9:50 pm.

Rome is 6 hours ahead of EDT, so, on the East Coast it will be 5:10 am, 11:10 am and 3:50 pm for you streaming audio folk.

The feature will also be a “stand alone” on the website, and will appear around 4 pm here (10 am EDT), and will be available on the info page all weekend. It will be in the audio archive for a week.

The site is (NO WWW).


There are five of you. Whoever gets the most people to go to the website, listen to the story (streaming or standalone), hit that feedback button, and send an e-mail to Vatican Radio MENTIONING YOUR NAME (and talking about the site, story, whatever – name by itself is rather caddish), gets a free collection of historic Vatican Radio broadcasts.

Yes, we have such things.

You may ask, can someone mention MORE THAN ONE NAME in their e-mail? Yes, but they lack the courage of their convictions and I don’t know how they can sleep at night.

I will stop counting next Friday (when the story leaves the archive).

Alright, people. I’m counting on you. Lobby Rome so that Mark can get a valuable “Historic Vatican Radio Broadcasts” archive. Together we can crush the puny Estrogen-Based life forms and rule the Galaxy! And if the Mystery Guest is a Testosterone-Based Life Form well… let’s crush him too! Must. Win.