When Sullivan’s Right, He’s Dead Right

Sullivan reports the following bit of sly bias from the Gray Lady:

“Dutch political leaders decided today to go ahead with the general elections next week, even after the killing of Pim Fortuyn, a right-wing politician who had stood a chance to become the country’s next prime minister. The police confirmed today that they were holding the assassination suspect, a 32-year-old Dutch environmental activist.” Notice how a socially libertarian maverick is “right-wing” but an ideological assassin is just an “environmental activist.” Even the Dutch police have described the murderer as an enviro-radical. But extremes, in the Time’s p.c. world, only exist on the right.

As I say, murder for leftist causes is okay. It’s done by “activists”, not “extremists” such as the victim. Murder by racists is a hate crime. That’s not to say that racism is good. It’s to say that killing somebody because of class or their views on animal “rights” is every bit as evil as killing them because of their color or ethnicity. But in America (and most of Europe, which endured Nazism), we have a scarred history of race warfare weirdness, but (except for eastern Europe) little living experience with mass death based on class warfare weirdness. It will be interesting to see how countries like the former USSR develop in reaction to their profoundly scarring history of class-based inhumanity.