I Don’t Care What it Takes…

I don’t care if we have to kick out a bunch of bishops and promote some librarians to fill the post. I don’t care about “domino effects”. Indeed, I welcome them. If the fall of one bad bishop leads to the fall of the rest of the bad bishops and the evil clergy they’ve sheltered then I will hail the Great Enema of 2002 as a rousing success! I don’t care if parishes have to combine or people have to drive an extra 20 minutes to get to Mass. I don’t care if Cdl. Law has to sell his stinkin’ Addams Family Mansion. I don’t care if LA doesn’t get its Taj Mahony and the Great Cardinal Anonymous has to live in a basement in Watts and never get to have his own personal helicopter again. I don’t care if it affects the smooth machinery of bureaucracy by kicking out the unworthy bishop of Phoenix. I don’t care if St. John’s in Collegeville closes. I don’t care if Paul Shanley “tells all” and exposes the maggots in collars that infest the Sacrament of Holy Orders before he goes to his richly deserved prison cell. If that’s what it takes so that children are not abused and murder–are we listening?–MURDER OF CHILDREN!!!!–is not covered up “for the good of the Church” then so be it!

I am angrier today than I was when this scandal broke. I hope fervently that murder story is false. I don’t know if any bishop is involved in the alleged murder business. If it’s true, maybe it never got past the abbey door. But damn it to hell, the disgusting fact is: the story is extremely plausible and nobody would be surprised if a bishop hushed it up. Has not the behavior of our wretched ecclesiats rendered it so plausible? We must see that the bishops don’t have the luxury of waiting this endless national scandal out and returning to Business as Usual. Never again, God damn it! Never again. (And don’t think I’m using profanity. If you don’t think God damns this sort of sin, then it’s time for a primer in moral theology.)