Urban Legends of the Amazon

I periodically get questions from people about my other site (mark-shea.com). Some folks are concerned because I have a lot of links to Amazon for books and tapes (Be sure to buy lots and lots of stuff!) and they heard somewhere that Amazon has some sort of special partnership with Planned Parenthood. So they naturally worry that by buying through my links they are helping PP.

Here’s the facts: anybody who wants to have a website can link to Amazon and sell stuff off their site–just like I do. What this means is that Amazon gets the lion’s share of the profits (yet still never manages to be in the black–one of the feats of economic levitation I do not understand). What does the associate get? A little piddly bit of money or credit toward Amazon products. I just used my measly 35 bucks from last quarter to buy a Duke Ellington CD and a couple of books. Anybody–including Planned Parenthood–can do the same thing. That’s life in the free market. Stuff you buy off my site does not support Planned Parenthood and stuff you buy from Planned Parenthood is stuff you shouldn’t be buying (since they are Murder Inc.)

Bottom line: you aren’t supporting Planned Parenthood if you use my Amazon links. You’re just helping me get a little Christmas money.