Can’t find the link for this but…

It was sent by a friend of mine who is an Eastern Europe scholar at the University of Washington. This shows why it’s so important to have connections in academe:


Great Britain’s Prince Charles opposes the [Romanian] government’s plan to build an amusement park with a Dracula theme in the medieval town of Sighisoara, AP reported on 6 May. A statement released by the London-based Mihai Eminescu Trust, of which Prince Charles is patron, said, “the proposed Dracula Park [is] wholly out of sympathy with the area and will ultimately destroy its character.” The trust said the project would “be a tragic loss for local inhabitants and for Europe as a whole.” The British heir apparent traveled across northwestern Transylvania on 4-6 May, revisiting a cluster of Saxon villages he hopes to restore and reinvigorate. Charles has been a supporter of the Romanian countryside since the 1980s, when dictator Nicolae Ceausescu launched an operation to demolish Romanian villages. On 6 May, Charles visited the 15th-century Bontida Castle near Cluj, which was destroyed during World War II and plundered under communism.