It’s Official! Leftist Nutball Suspect Arrested in Fortuyn Murder

Oh. Well. It’s okay then. As long as it’s for a leftist cause. Especially cuddly animals with big brown eyes. Sure their methods are extreme. But it’s not like it was a Hate Crime or anything. The murderer was operating out of noble and socially progressive intentions, not hateful ones.

Mark’s key to understanding what Americans see as “Hate Crime”. Quite simple really: crimes which involve race or gender conflict are Hate Crimes if the victim was a member of a Designated Victim Group and the criminal was not. Crimes in which the former situation adheres but the victim is not a member of the Designated Victim Group are “tragedies” (situations fated by the gods to happen without no real human agency at all). Crimes involving class conflict are typically not Hate Crimes, particularly if the criminal was espousing some variant of Marxist theory. Those crimes are a “plea for help” or a “cry of anger at injustice”. Murder for fuzzy l’il animals is relatively new (being pioneered by Unabomber and such like). These too are not hate crimes. Indeed, they are daring examples of push-the-envelope deconstructionism that alert us to the arrogance of our speciesism. The day Pim Fortuyn died all the media coverage focused on him and paid no attention to the millions of chickens and cows slaughtered all over the world. His murderer wanted you to see that gross injustice. He’s a progressive, not a hate crime murderer. And besides, his victim was a “far-right winger” so it’s not like it was a big loss or anything. All told, animal rights activists have made progress. More attention! It’s a good day for Leftism in Europe.