A Member of the Murdering in Cold Blood for Leftism is Okay Brigade speaks out (kudos to Andrew Sullivan for shining the spotlight on this sort of enemy of civil society):

Anyone deserving the name libertarian does not restrict people’s liberty to live where they want. It’s good to see people taking direct action against the far right. If Hitler or Mussolini had been killed in the twenties, when they were still ‘respectable’ and adored by such UK papers as the Daily Mail, who knows how many lives would have been saved?

Matt, a libertarian socialist, UK

Voice an ideologically impure thought, take six bullets to the head and chest. Leftism in its finest form. Execute potential criminals (we know who you are!) before they actually do anything wrong.

My one quibble with Sullivan is in this sentence: “But no one should doubt that the far left, just as much as the far right, is now among the most intolerant forces in our society.”

My quibble is over the word “now”. The far left has killed vastly more people than the far right for its entire freakin’ history. Hitler was a piker compared to Stalin in terms of body counts. It is the peculiar genius of the insane post-Christian 20th and 21st Centuries that they present us with such alternatives as Hitler and Stalin (and Mao and Pol Pot and Castro) and then accuses us of siding with the one if we flee the other. I flee both and choose Jesus Christ.