Cal Thomas is a Nice Guy

His column, written as it is by a solid Protestant who knows the media hates Ethical Monotheism of all stripes, is appreciated. But one hardly knows how to receive it as a Catholic who knows perfectly well that, in this instance, the media are largely right in their reportage and, but for them, evil men like Paul Shanley would still be loose and stupid and (dare I say it) wicked bishops would still be attacking their victims and protecting them. To his credit, Thomas does not focus on the accurate reportage but on the moronic punditry. The American press has been like an idiot savant about the priest scandal, they get the facts right and then draw conclusion from those facts that are spectularly stupid.

Somebody has to teach the NY Times editorial board to distinguish between the facts (largely damning ones about the behavior of abusive priests and the bishops who love them) and the extraordinarily stupid and perverse conclusions guys like Bill Keller draw from them (which is that we need more priests and laypeople like Shanley, asserting sexual libertinism and contempt for Catholic teaching, and fewer bishops willing to do anything about it). Similarly, drowning people need to be in contact with the shore. Since the shore is made of rock, drowning people need stones tied around their necks.

Anyway, thanks Cal. Your support for our poor Church is appreciated in this hour.