A Long Suffering Catholic Lay Minister Writes

From my experience on the road, I’d say that most parishes sing a rousing selection of the same 12 Glory and Praise songs everywhere. In fact, I will often sing the exact same songs weekend after weekend in totally different parishes in totally different parts of the country. And if a parish never chooses to sing “Servant Song” again in honor of our presence, I’ll submit it to the Vatican as John Henry Newman’s first miracle.

She then forwards this bit of hilarity:

For 30 years now, we Catholics have struggled to worship the Lord against the unholy strains of post-Vatican II sacred music, which falls midway between the sound of an old hootenanny and Barry Manilow before his genius had matured. – Joseph Sobran

It’s been a week. Have I mentioned how much I loathe the hymn “Anthem”? If I haven’t, I apologize. Have you mentioned to your music ministers how loathable the hymn “Anthem” is? Bad music, atrocious theology, terrible poetry, unsingable, easy to mock. Quintuple threat! Tell a music minister today. Beg them never to inflict it on your parish again. You’ll feel… good!