A Legal Beagle Friend Analyzes Connecticut’s Attempted Assault on the Seal of the Confessional

If you’re not Catholic, don’t think for a moment this doesn’t affect you. To get the hang of how gravely the Church regards this, you need only realize that a priest’s breaking the Seal of the Confessional incurs automatic excommunication which can only be lifted by the Pope himself. If Caesar tries to compel priests to break the Seal, we will have thousands of very good priests and bishops in prison for their faithfulness to the gospel. If you are an Evangelical, try to picture the Connecticut legislature, demanding that you confess Thomas Jefferson as Lord, or dictating which books of Scripture are allowable in your Bible. We’re talking majorly majorly grave encroachment by Caesar on the heart and core of Catholic faith. And if they get away with it with the 800 pound gorilla of the Catholic Church, don’t think they won’t quickly figure out that there are a lot of troublesome Evangelicals in smaller, politically weaker congregations who need to have their beliefs corrected by helpful lawyers. Thanks Cdl Law, Bp. McCormack, Bp. O’Connell, Cdl Mahony. Way to go, guys!