Presumably Everybody Saw the Depressing Photo of the Cardinal

…grippin’ and grinnin’ with Fearless Leader Arafat over the weekend.

I dunno. USS Clueless sums it up as “cynically utilitarian”. Rod Dreher obviously agrees. But look: as NRO has argued, you’ve got a hostage situation going on there in the Church of the Natvity and, as Stalin famously points out, the Pope has no divisions. Not even a cap gun. So whaddayagonnado? Grandstand and get all those innocent hostages killed? Or suck up to Arafat get em out alive? The bishops in this country who have thought first of their own butts, or of shielding the guilty-as-sin guys from the cries to heaven of victims because it would cost ‘em $$$? Yes, that’s cynically utilitarian and I take second place to nobody in screaming bloody murder about it. But is it really cynically utilitarian to do the photo-op thang with the Little Toad of Ramallah if the result is that he calls off his dogs and a bunch of hostages don’t get slaughtered by his thugs? It seems to me that protecting innocent human life is more important than looking good.

Of course, more human life will be lost if the Little Toad remains as head of the PA, since he’s a Poisonous Little Toad. So once the hostages are out, I think they should pack him off to Antarctica. But I also think the Israelis should not be too stunned that the Palestinians don’t think them very serious about a Palestinian state as long as the number of settlers on the West Bank continues to increase at a rapid rate. Then again, why would Israel want a neighboring state whose leaders suckle their young on Nazi literature?

Then again, maybe this is the solution.