Bob Sungenis Has Not Excommunicated Rotational Earthists

I wrongfully assumed that Bob believed Real Catholics[TM] had to subscribe to his kooky ideas about science. My apologies. I am happy to report that he does not think this. It is reported to me that Bob believes you can still be Catholic without a) believing in ether, or b) a rigidly literalistic reading of Gen. 1-3, or c) rejecting relativity, or d) insisting that the earth does not rotate. A grateful world is relieved. It is also reported to me that you cannot, however, get a job with Bob’s Catholic Apologetics International outfit without “being open to ” Bob’s nutty theories about science and to such quaint notions as rejection of heliocentrism. A good time was had by all at Steve Ray’s Catholic Convert Board discussing these vital aspects of Bob Sungenis’ doctrinal corpus, a doctrinal corpus which is not in any way binding on Catholics, Protestants, or people living after the time of that dangerously unorthodox Polish priest, Copernicus.