Fr. Richard “I only wear the collar when I’m on TV” McBrien Sure Puts the Holy Father in His Place

The Rev. Richard McBrien, a professor of theology at the University of Notre Dame, said the Pope’s call to revive the practice of private confessions was “doomed to failure.”

“The overwhelming majority of Catholics have made up their minds: private confession is no longer a part of their devotional life,” he said.

I just love it when the sickest part of the Church in the world condescendingly explains to the Tribunal of History that it’s outgrown the need to confess its sins. We’re alright Jack.

Bulletin to the Notre Dame Theology Department: Perhaps the problems facing the Church right now have something to do with our arrogant confidence that we don’t have any sins to confess. But then, this was the guy who was explaining to the Pope just the other day that Cdl. Mahony “gets it”. And whaddaya know? He’s right! Cardinal Mahony is getting it!