My Matrix-Disagreeing Reader Adds…

Have you ever read the 2 chapter in the book of Wisdom and thought of the Clintonian saga while reading it? It’s amazing how well it fits. (Remember, the second chapter deals with those “who were not thinking aright”) Ya gotta love the deuterocanon!

I haven’t thought about Clinton in connection with it, but I have thought about pagan hedonistic despair (same thing) in connection with it. I think it an interesting parallel that a man like Ronald Reagan can start humbly, making dorky movies like “Bedtime for Bonzo” and go on to become a great President and one of the co-authors (with John Paul the Great) of the death of the system responsible for more murders than anything other creation of fallen man while Bill Clinton, a man of enormous pride and self-absorption, can take his considerable gifts and descend from the office of President of the United States to frittering away his life as ringmaster of the Groperah Springer show or whatever it is he’s going to do next to keep his mind off the Coming Darkness. God have mercy on him.