So What is there to the Faith Besides Scandal, Mark?

We’re suffering from “nearest telephone pole” syndrome right now. The Scandal is the mote in the Church’s eye, but it will (I hope) relieve our readers to note that the Church has, in fact, done other things besides produce Abusive Priests and the Bishops Who Love Them. Notable among these achievements are saints like Augustine, Edith Stein, Maximilien Kolbe, Thomas Aquinas, Benedict Joseph Labre and about a jillion others. It is the birthplace of theories of government foundational to the US and western liberal civilization (did you know Magna Carta was written by the Archbishop of Canterbury, who based his ideas on the Benedictine governance?). Hospitals? Catholic invention. Universities? Ditto. Concept of the person? Same. And for all the bad press you hear about the oppression of women, the fact is that it was medieval Christendom that gave the world the idea that the love of woman was ennobling and not degrading (as the Athenians thought). You won’t find *that* in pagan antiquity. But, most of all, the Church has been the huge sacrament of Jesus Christ to a world that is doomed without him. May the Situation be healed soon for this reason above all: we have no right to be this screwed up when people are dying for lack of him.