Un-freakin’-believable, Part 3

In a new attempt to subject the commandment “Honor your father” to record-breaking extreme stress-testing, Manchester Bishop John B. McCormack confessed yesterday to being either a totally clueless moron without the sense God gave a goose or else a cynical postmodern deconstructionist with utter contempt for the commonly held belief of his victimized flock that “Words mean things.” In the latest example of insanely lame, self-exculpatory, excuse-making Bp. McCormack said he regrets not picking up on former Boston priest Paul R. Shanley’s deviant views on adult-child sex, but didn’t think Shanley meant what he said nor would ever act on it.

“I wish I did zero in on it more,” McCormack said about a 1985 speech on homosexuality in which Shanley was quoted as saying children seduce adults into having sex with them.

“But, at the time, Paul was known as one who would push the envelope and kind of make statements that were in some ways extreme. But I never thought he believed it or he would practice it,” McCormack added.

I suppose that’s a logical conclusion to arrive at if you never think your priests are going to believe or practice Christianity either.