ABCMcNews appears to be sanitizing Arafat again. Yesterday evening they ran this quote from him “I don’t care if this room I’m sitting in blows up. What concerns me is what is happening at the Church of the Nativity,” he said. “This is a crime that cannot be forgiven.” What an eel. And what a stupid thing to say. Fill in the blank: “Christians believe Jesus was born in order to _________ sins.”

One of the crack J School dropouts at ABCMcNews, perhaps detecting something of a dissonance in Fearless Leader’s bald appeal to religious tribalism, has edited the story. This morning a kinder, gentler Arafat appears, saying only, “I am very furious of what is happening in the Nativity Church,” Arafat said. When told the Israelis were blaming the Palestinians for the fire, he grew enraged.

“Can you believe that?” he asked. “Big lies… Can you, are you believing these big lies?” Uh, no. I don’t believe your big lies, Fearless Leader.