“Deception under the face of virtue” or Romanitas vs. The Culture of Fear and Suspicion

Down below, I linked to a thoroughly innocuous post by David Alexander. In response, a reader sets off a klaxon:

David Alexander is a moderator in for the D.C. Area Voice of the Faithful. Voice of the Faithful is a schismatic group of individuals whose heirarchy include Andrea Johnson of Women’s Ordination Conference, Jan Leary from Women’s Ordination, Leanord Zwitzer from “We are the Church – who has been invited to write the constitution for Voice of the “Faithful”. He is alsoThe list goes on and on of folks who have previously been committee members of Call to Action, Massachusetts WomenChurch and Catholics for free choice.

He talks a good orthodoxy game – but is quite active in “helping” Voice of the Faithful become booming and succesful.

Mr. Paul Baeir – who I pushed to make a public statement on what that meant in terms of the issues in the Catechism, made the following statement:

“VOTF must grow before all policies are clearly established. It is of key importance that more than a few folks in Boston decide VOTF positions, so it may take a while before voting and polling is completed on all issues. The official VOTF positions are on its website. Currently, none of these positions deal explicitly with the catechism, either in fully or partially supporting it. VOTF is, however, clearly committed to representing what the middle 2/3 of mainstream Catholics want”

Posted on their main web page – you will find that it is their intention to “gain power first” than decide on the issues of women’s ordination, etc, – apparently by 2/3 vote says Paul Baeir.

David recently posted on the VOTF website that he is looking for a “Seat at the Table”.

A seat at the table? Of a schism?

Doesn’t pass the sniff test.

All this in response to a Veggie Tales quip. Now, the fact is, I don’t know David Alexander. What I can see of his site suggests he’s a nice enough chap. What little he’s posted says nothing about Call to Action of VOTF. Indeed, one of his few links is to some sort of Trad site. I don’t know how my reader has divined all the information about his Secret Life and his Involvement in a Plot to Overthrow the Church.

But I do know this: Assuming (which I don’t know) that Alexander is involved in VOTF, I have no idea how this proves him a “deceiver”. While I think Voice of the Faithful has a large number of people in it suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, I also think (from what I’ve read of it) that it has a fair number of honest blokes in it who genuinely seek the good of the Church and who just sort of latched on to it because they want something vaguely called “reform” and VOTF seems to fit the bill. I think such folk are badly mistaken. I don’t necessarily buy that they are engaged in “deception under the face of virtue”. I also think it quite possible that some faithful Catholics might throw their lot in with VOTF in the hope of steering it away from radicalism and back to the Tradition. This would be an example of Romanitas: “Convert your enemies whenever possible. If you can’t convert them, then render them harmless. If you can’t render them harmless, destroy them only as a last resort.” For all I know, Alexander might be one of these.

My point, instead of instantly writing off David Alexander (are you sure the guy at this blog is the same as the one in DC?) and declaring him an Enemy Mole, it might be a good idea to, oh, I don’t know, talk to him? Find out if he’s really involved in VOTF (no indication of it on his blog)? If he is, find out why? Romanitas, my friends, romanitas.