The NY Times tries to reassure braying and nervous latte drinkers on the Upper West Side

“This is not a victory for the religious right.”

Right. Sounds like Gorbachev assuring everybody that Communism was as strong as ever in 1989.

Memo to the Upper West Side: This was a victory for the Religious Right. It was also a victory for ordinary people who can’t afford to send their kids to the schools Chelsea Clinton went to.

Peter Berger observes that if Sweden is the most secular nation in the world and India the most religious one, America is best described as a nation of Indians ruled by Swedes.

The rest of the editorial reads to me like a Swede, explaining to fellow Swedes, why they had better learn to live with this decision (and not get the vapors when the 9th Circus Court is overturned) or else face the possibility of a mob of angry and radicalized Indians who are sick of Swedish rule.