“Pllllllpppppppthththth!” I explained

Pete Vere continues to use a lot of words to be wrong about the merits of the Water Buffalo song vs. The Song of the Cebu. As to jurisdiction, we don’t go in for four-syllable words here, which is why I am right (and let’s not have a lot of logic-chopping about non sequiturs. I’m trying to tell you how I feel, people!). “Cebu” is a good two syllable word, plus, it’s funny. Greg Popcak’s nonsensical insertion of a non-Silly Song into the argument is condemned by all right-thinking Veggie fans everywhere. I do, however, grant that I could have been hasty in overlooking “I Love My Lips” (ousta!) in the roster of Greatness.

Bottom line: I’m right. Those who disagree with me are wrong. (Just so we’re clear.)

That is all. I, Mark P. Shea, have spoken.