On the other hand…

I gotta hand it to the National Catholic Register for this, yet another bit of evidence that all is not well with the book Goodbye, Good Men. Yes, I know it would be wonderful thing to just accept without question all the damning charges in the book and fling it over the transom of every bishop’s office in the country with a note saying, “Read this and fix it.” But you know, the more I see about the methodology this book appears to employ and the more I look at how those who question it are answered by Rose, the queasier I get about it. I freely acknowledge that I speak from ignorance (I haven’t read it myself). I also haven’t read Worlds in Collision by Immanuel Velikovsky. But the critiques of it still persuade me that my time might be better employed reading something else. Similarly, I am unsettled by the pattern of criticism (which seems pretty sound) and the numerous reports (and evidence from his own writing) of a remarkably thin skin on the part of Mr. Rose. I could be wrong, but I am starting to have my doubts about the wisdom of using this book as Exhibit A if you are going to be writing to your bishop or Rome. If you do, I would at least be careful and get independent verification that whatever charge you are pointing to in the book is reflective of reality. The last thing we need are half-cocked witch hunts.