Another crie de coeur from the trenches

Oregonian front pages news today – Baker Archdiocese, old charges, dead priest, but everything is documented. 14 men are coming forward. Damning documentation.

If I had a blog page I’d call it “Catholic and Bearing With It…For Now.”

The scandal at St. Anthony’s is still swirling here…the priest who blessed a threesome. I had a long talk with my good priest, (we all think our priest is the BEST) and he remarked at how difficult things were financially. I had a call from our maintenance man at our parish, remember our parish is huge and we are in Intel-land (which means stock options are worthless today), but anyhow….our maintenance man is not getting paid. Our pastor said we can’t afford it. I asked the good Father how bad things are and he said “Beddy bad”. (He is from Mexico).

Something that I find as scandalous as renegade and uncelibate priests and old-boy network bishops is parishes who excuse the behavior of their errant priests and want them back. St. Anthony’s is in danger of going this way…as published accounts quote parishioners as saying how much they LOVE Father Schwab and want him to stay. I am at a loss.

Eucharist, Adoration are my links to sanity.

In Christ, who will explain this whole thing to us someday

I agree Fr. Schwab should not be a pastor. What about Jaeger? Jaeger’s act is highly ambiguous (chummy gesture in a campground setting conducive to chummy gestures) and isolated (it happened twice 24 years ago with nothing else on the record to suggest abuse). Fr. Schwab’s stupid act was pure, premeditated pastoral cowardice. I don’t know that he should be barred from ministry. But he obviously does not have what it takes to run a parish. Let him say mass in an old folks home or something. Jaeger, for that matter, should also say mass at an old folks home too. Some place where people are too deaf to hear his heterodox subversions of the Faith.

I hope I’m making it clear I don’t support the subversion by men like Jaeger. I simply wish to point out that if the Policy is transformed into a tool for removing people on ideological grounds while ostensibly removing them for “abuse” then it will certainly be used to remove people for their orthodoxy and will bury them under everlasting scorn as it does so. If people are to be removed for heterodoxy and pastoral stupidity, then let us say so clearly. Let us not remove them for these reasons and say we are removing them for “abuse” or we just add another layer of mendacity to the Situation. We also lay the Church open to further persecution of the faithful on flimsy charges of “abuse”.