Fr. Rob Johansen has some sage things to say about Romanitas, Milwaukee, and Making Haste Slowly

Me, I wanna know more about Vox Clara. Is the long hegemony of ICEL (the International Commission on English in the Liturgy) finally to come to an end? It would be nice to know what the Mass actually says and not just what the bowdlerizers at ICEL would like me to think it means. I’d love a Mass that actually reflected the Latin original so that, for instance, “Ite, missa est” was translated “Go! You are sent!” (which is what it means) and not “The mass is ended. Go in peace” (a sort of Mr. Rogersization that conveys none of the missionary fire that should inform our being sent just as the Apostles were in Matthew 28.).

C’mon, Fr. Rob. Tell us more. What’s Vox Clara. When do we get a good translation of the Mass? Also, if you could tell me who will win the World Series this year, that would be good.