A vote of thanks for Peter Singer

A friend of mine used to be deeply grateful that Jack Kevorkian was the Face of Euthanasia since he showed so clearly what creepy sinister people are behind it. A reader now writes in the same vein to thank God for Peter Singer and the invaluable work he does in making his philosophy look ridiculous:

As much as I find Peter Singer’s opinions abhorrent, I must say that I am grateful to him. He has taken one of the Zeitgeist’s main axioms, i.e., “No sexual pleasure is illicit” and has taken it to its rational, if repugnant, ends. In so doing, he has exposed a number of deep flaws in contemporary moral philosophy, namely:

1) Its automatic rejection of Christian moral norms,

2) Its reflexive dismissal of natural law argumentation,

3) Its insistence that reason alone is sufficient to examine truth,

4) Its slavish conformity to intellectual fashion, in this case, moral relativism, and

5) Its insistence on a historical process that renders old arguments false and new ones true.

All of these elements are in play in Peter Singer’s arguments. If you look around, though, you will see others singing from the same score, e.g., Judith Levine.

By contrast, you see the wisdom proclaimed by John Paul II, who upholds the church’s teachings on sexual morality and who insists that both Faith and Reason are necessary to find the truth. For me, this is yet another proof that the Holy Father has his heart opened wide to the Holy Spirit.