Dale the Lawyer on the “Palestinian Death Cult”

Dale sez:

The phrase isn’t mine (unfortunately), but the term is the only one that fits the area anymore. What else can you say about an asylum populated by the likes of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade and those who love them? BTW, at last count, “those who love them” constitutes the majority of the Palestinian people.

Think about it: what’s the difference between Hamas and the Jim Jones Cult? Is it that Hamas has lasted longer, and therefore has the chance to work on an explosive kool-aid belt?

Some try to point to the much-beloved “charitable” work done by the Hamas/IJ/AAMB cultists amongst their fellow Palestinians. But the same can be said for the Branch Davidians, can’t it? Folks around Waco generally liked the BDs, who kept pretty much to themselves when they weren’t patronizing local businesses.

So, there really isn’t much difference between the Palestinian terror cults and the Western variety, except that the latter tend to take far fewer outsiders with them when they kill. In all honesty, Islamic Jihad is just the Manson Family with Semtex. And our assiduously fair media still insists on calling the whole sack of evil lunatics “militants.” Boggling.

Some scenes involving cult activity:

Including this poor brainwashed little girl:

And this walking, talking pile of pig crap that calls himself Dr. Attalah Hana, the spokesman for the Orthodox Church in Jerusalem:

Here’s a break (mostly), the brilliant column by James Lileks, with the heartbreaking photograph of one of the evil bastards’ victims at the end:

The Palestinians want their own state? Ha. After two years of indiscriminate butchery by Palestinians, I wouldn’t trust them with a lemonade stand.


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