Amazing how Dallas seems so slow on the uptake

Here’s a bit of news:

The Catholic Diocese of Dallas has taken action against a third Dallas priest who failed to fully implement a sexual abuse prevention plan in his parish.

But unlike the other priests, the pastor of All Saints Church in Far North Dallas will not lose his parish.

Bishop Charles V. Grahmann recently removed the Rev. Tom Cloherty from four of the bishop’s key advisory committees.

Followed by a bit of commentary by a priest familiar with the scene in Dallas:

Well. well, well, well. Interesting.

Those of you who have followed the Dallas saga might remember that the three priests who were in the papers at the same time — Rudy Kos, Billy Hughes and Robert Peebles — had all been at All Saints at the same time. Fr Hughes was carrying on an affair with a minor girl parishioner, who was sneaking out of her house at night to be with him. Her mom noted what a zombie the poor kid was, searched her room and found love letters from Hughes. She went to a “trusted priest” to share this info, and he took the letters and promised to pass them along to officials who could address them.

The letters, of course, were never seen again, and nothing was addressed until much later.

The “trusted priest” was Cloherty, the one Bishop Grahmann doesn’t remove.

Laypeople interested in contacting Bishop Grahmann about such hijinx can go here and say “I see you.” Also, note that Bp. Grahmann’s co-adjutor is Bp. Galante. Together, they distinguish themselves by supporting the work of fine priests like adolescent-ogling, St. Sebastian’s Angels participant Fr. Cliff Garner while managing to find ways to remove two orthodox priests on minor technicalities.