Nihil Obstat: Hoist on his or her own petard

The vigilant Richard Chonak writes concerning St. Blog’s self-appointed grammarian (captured here in this fine portrait):

Who shall proofread the proofreader? Well, I will.

I don’t know whether to count this as one or two errors by the _soi-disant_ “official” proofreader of San Bloggio, but this time she has stuck her big toe in the light socket.

While picking lint off Betty G’s weblog, Nihil not only failed to notice a misspelling, but repeated the mistake herself:

Betty G writes about Mother Theresa

I trust that Mother Teresa of blessed memory will forgive poor dear Nihil for fumbling her name. Whether the censorious young lady’s reputation will recover from such an appallingly common error is yet unknown.

Since Miss Obstat has not announced an e-mail address, the only way to inform her of her mistake is to denounce — I mean, report it publicly. How unfortunate. So: would you? Thanks.

She who lives by the sword dies by the sword!