Minute Particulars has an interesting discussion of problems with keeping all gays out of priesthood

Judging from some of his more recent rants on the topic, I gather Mike Hardy missed my change of mind in this area a week or two ago. I now incline toward thinking those with a homosexual-orientation can sometimes become priests, but that the screening process will have to be pretty rigorous in order to ensure that the candidate is serious about the Faith and about chastity. Mike will be happy to know that the principal thing which changed my mind is a passage from that hidebound troglodyte John Paul II, who says, “Man and woman are the road the Church must walk.” Statistical thinking is useful in some respects, but it cannot replace the encounter with the person in all his or her, uh, minute particularity. Apologies for my foray into zero tolerance thinking.

And to my readers: If I appear to you to still be thinking these matters through, that’s because I am. Blogs are not written for the ages. They are (or at least mine is) written to process my thinking.