Unhappy with Me

Been mulling over my posts for this week, particularly as regards the bishops and I think I’m guilty of uncharity. I’m awful damn quick to assume the worst and cast everything in the worst light. What do I know about Abp. Flynn’s management of his diocese beyond one flaky parish? Several commenters remark that he’s a good guy and has done some very good things. I know my own diocese has some loopy things going on which our bishop has tried to stop. But he’s only one man with a resistant staff and an educational establishment arrayed against him. Same with many other bishops. So before I go spouting off about bishops full of sound and fury, signifying nothing, I think I should give them time and stop being so all-fired distrustful. Yes, I’ve been burned by the betrayals that we’ve seen and yes, I have a “right” to be distrustful. (Lotsa useful Bible passages about prudence and being “wise as a serpent” to bolster me here). And yet “charity hopeth all things”. That doesn’t mean going all dumb and pollyanna. But it does mean not construing every episcopal act (or apparent lack of action) in the worst possible way. My apologies to readers for participating in that culture of suspicion. I shall endeavor to do better.