I kinda thought this might happen

A source sez that “the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith will order the American bishops to halt its policy of removing abusive priests until Rome can rule on the measures. That means the Vatican is going to order an immediate halt to the removal from ministry of priests with a history of sexual abuse of minors on their records.”

Pete Vere has been predicting this (me too). American bishops come up with faulty policy. Rome sez “This policy’s faulty. Re-do.” My fear: Instead of behaving with integrity, the American bishops go to the press and say, “We tried. Lord knows we tried. But Rome is blocking reform.” Voila! Blame is shifted. I hope people aren’t suckers for this. But the press did fall for Mahony’s bogus claim of his ten year old “Zero Tolerance” policy, so my hope is not huge.