Amy has blogged this but it’s worth noting the timing

This story in the NY Times about the (surprise!) gay pastor who sucked tons of money out of his parish to lavish on his 18 year old gay lover, oppressed those who tried to stop him, and got boocoo help from his bishop in trying to silence whistleblowers is notable primarily for the period of time in which it happened:

After a year or so of stonewalling and harassment, the whistleblower threatened to go to the cops in *March 2002* as the Scandal was erupting and the good padre resigned–only to be put in another parish by his equally good bishop, Thomas V. Daily of Brooklyn. He is still there, happy and safe as his bishop returns from Dallas, full of zero tolerance sound and fury, signifying nothing. Rev. John Thompson, who robbed his parish blind to lavish gifts on his 18 year old gay lover is not guilty of sexual abuse. So what’s wrong with putting him in another parish without warning them of his past?

If you want to contact the Brooklyn diocese about the good bishop’s Minimum Daily Adult Requirement approach to ethics, go here. Alert him to the fact that this time, we are here and we are not silent.