Withholding money is always helpful

Somebody writes:

The Knights of Columbus has it’s annual meeting in few weeks. Usually many prelates show up to give speeches, etc. I would like to see a groundswell of support to pressure the KofC to:

1. Dismiss Bishop Thomas V. Daily of Brooklyn as its Supreme Chaplain for obvious reasons.

2. Have the Supreme officers vocalise our displeasure and follow through by withholding the annual TEN MILLION DOLLAR gift to the Holy Father until HE OUSTS THESE BISHOPS.

As a matter of fact, the KofC Eucharistic Congress will be in Washington DC next weekend. Anyone for a round of hardball?

I would note several things. First, as I’ve made clear, I think JPII is deliberate in leaving our bad bishops on their crosses. So I doubt he will acquiesce. However, that is not a reason for us laypeople to make their lives easier by forking over our hard-earned money to them so they can underwrite Gay Porn Star Adoration, so withhold away. I will be serious about tithing to them when they are serious about being bishops. Meantime, give your money to the million and one worthy causes out there. I sincerely hope the Kof C makes a pointed gift of the money to something diametrically opposed to the agenda of AmChurch.

Second, if you withhold money (Cleveland? LA? you listening?) be sure to include a letter in the Annual Appeal envelope explaining what you are doing. Here’s a handy one to use and adapt as you see fit.