John Schultz want to know…

“Can someone tell me where in the Vatican II docs it says there should be lay involvement in the minute details of Church governance?”

Actually, there is room in the Tradition for lay involvement in governance, and the bishops are, by this Scandal, making clear why that might be good. But, of course, just being lay does not confer wisdom, just as being ordained doesn’t. Nor does it confer honest, competence, etc. But there is a role for the baptized in discerning the voice of the Spirit (which is, after all, how the Church is governed, not by committees, policies, and various other secular models).

For the place to start in terms of intelligent, Tradition-informed discussion of how a healthy model of lay-inclusive govenance would look, go to the Catherine of Siena Institute .

Not every call for lay involvement in governance is a cloak on a Call to Action agenda.