Deed, not Words, Gentlemen

As Fr. Rob Johansen points out, Bp. Wilton Gregory is appearing to have trouble walking the talk. Nothing will be more tragic than a good beginning followed by the normal recourse to Business as Usual. George Neumayr is waaaaaay more critical of Bp. Gregory than I would be. He seems to insist on “glass half empty” constructions on every syllable out of Gregory’s mouth. But he is right here:

Yes, good bishops do exist, but they are not calling the shots. The ones who saw the crisis coming hover near the edge of the episcopate, while the ones who denied its gravity and let the problem mushroom, such as Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahony, get to hog the mike. Mahony, with a straight face, told reporters this week that he’s had a “zero-tolerance” policy in effect since the early 1990s. Can’t at least one television reporter call him on this? All the reporter would have to ask in response to that lie is: “Why then did you make a known molester, Father Carl Sutphin, the associate pastor of your new cathedral?”

It still amazes me that some of these guys can continue to make bald-faced claims like this at a time like this. Do they not fear God?

Elsewhere, Fr. Johansen marvels at the sheer cynicism displayed by some of the other bishops too, notably Imesch of Joliet, IL.

So clearly, prayer is still very much necessary. As Bp. Bruskewitz has observed (paraphrased by Amy): “the root causes are dissent and homosexuality. Both are Pandora’s boxes, and the documents, done in great haste, perhaps as an impulse to assuage the media, and doesn’t address these root causes.”

So why not address them, Bp. Bruskewitz? “The best lack all conviction, while the worst/Are full of passionate intensity.”