John McGuiness offers his views on the “hate” claim that Veni Sancte Spiritus levels against those who think ordaining homosexuals is probably unwise. He basically praises it with faint damns.

He writes:

Shea has helped create an environment people feel free to express and state the worst stereotypes about gays.

and adds

Shea would say he’s not about building hate for gays. He just wants us to face up to the undeniable tuth that the abuse of boys (boys, boys, and boys) is connected to homosexuality. And that those who focus on other issues are influenced by the PC culture and are afraid of the ugly truth.

Fine, but what now?

No, John. Not “fine.” The fact is that it is still a tooth and nail struggle to get the vast majority of the American media (typified by the writings of Andrew Sullivan) to get within a hundred miles of acknowledging this simple truth. I hammer away at this simple truth precisely because it is the Elephant in the Sacristy that major media are so unbelievably slow to acknowledge. The fact some people writing to this board are reactionaries who want draconian measures enacted (with whom I disagree) does not detract from this fact. Neither is the fact that I (who am neither a bishop, nor a sociologist, nor a psychologist, but merely a layman offering such observations as I can) do not have a comprehensive program for dealing with this fact of homosexual abuse any more to the point. All answers to the question “What now?” are going to have to follow from this fact: that this Scandal is all about homosexual abuse. My mission has been simply (so far) to get people to acknowledge that fact and to see through the lies, disinformation, red herrings, and blown smoke of a journalism dominated by the Andrew Sullivans of the world. Until that fact is taken seriously and not just brushed aside, ignored, labeled “hate” and all the rest of the normal tactics in the Zeitgeist’s repertoire of strategems for Avoiding the Obvious, I will continue to do the job media types shirk.