On the other hand, there are some dolts in Dallas too

The News’ review found that at least 111 of the nation’s 178 mainstream, or Roman rite, Catholic dioceses are headed by men who have protected accused priests or other church figures, such as brothers in religious orders, candidates for the priesthood, teachers and youth-group workers.

The Rev. Francis Maniscalco, a spokesman for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, expressed no surprise at the numbers.

“Why should anybody’s feet be held to the fire?” he asked. “The bishops made what they thought were prudent decisions at the time. The decisions were made on the best advice available. “

Greg Popcak makes some pithy rejoinders to Fr. Maniscalco. I find myself at a loss. It’s like when people ask me “What does homosexuality have to do with the fact that the victims are almost entirely young boys?” It’s like asking me what firing a gun at somebody’s head has to do with killing them. Or what touching a lit match to gasoline has to do with starting a fire. “Why should the bishops have their feet held to the fire merely because 2/3s of them reassigned accused priest and, as of this writing, exactly one (1) has acknowledged publicly that this was sinful?” Gosh. Why don’t people trust the clergy? We’re just obstinate, I guess.