Here’s the way to kick off the Dallas Confab

Before anything else happens, these guys need to stand up and say in a clear voice: “We were grossly sinful and negligent in our office as bishop. We thought more of protecting the priestly guild than of the good of victims, even when the victims were children. We will not make excuses about “following the advice of experts” or “doing the best we knew”. We will not speak in a passive voice or try to divert all attention to the evil and sick men who did these crimes. We will take full responsibility for formally cooperating in an evil act and therefore in being as sinfully guilty as the men who did these evil things. We sinned gravely and are not worthy to be called bishops. We tender our resignation and, if the Pope sees fit to put somebody in our place, we will go quietly to a life of penance. If the Pope refuses our resignation, we shall accept the remainder of our tenure as bishop in a spirit of penance and carry our cross of disgrace in reparation for our sins and in the hope that we might be given the grace to mend what we–we ourselves–have marred.”

There. Somebody fax that to the bishops on that list.