Veni Sancte Spiritus trots out the reliable charge of “hate”

Unfortunately, it’s not as useful as it used to be for completely shutting down discussion and returning equilibrium to a completely pro-homosexual hegemony. At any rate, I don’t feel much intimidated by it. I merely reply that my reason for thinking it unwise to ordain homosexuals in the future has to do with statistical probability, not “hatred”. The fact is, the overwhelming number of abuse cases are homosexual. Therefore, if we want to eliminate that problem of a gay subculture of contempt for chastity and (with sickening frequency) abuse of children, common sense dictates that it would be wise to not ordain homosexuals. This has nothing to do with hatred. So spare me rhetoric like this: “{a] new ghetto for homosexuals [is] being constructed by [the] Catholic “God hates fags” crowd.” It’s cheap, low bullshit and doesn’t fly anymore with people who are trying to think and who won’t be cowed by PC abuse. (By the way, if you want to know, I’ve actually had the misfortune of having a conversation with members of the thoroughly sick and weird Phelps crowd who promote that sort of stuff.) Also, spare me the notion that “Homosexuals should not be ordained in the future” = “Get out of the Church”. It does not.

It’s precisely this sort of cheap, below-the-belt rhetoric that makes serious conversation about this subject so rare. Find some way to disagree with those who think there are serious problems with ordaining gays without insinuating they are motivated by “hate” and you will be taken seriously. Otherwise, forget it.