Time Celebrates Parishioners Suffering from Stockholm Syndrome

Here’s a piece on Voice of the Faithful et al, trying mightily to deal with the Situation using only the mental tools furnished them by two decades of teaching by the Paul Shanleys of the world. Not surprisingly, they don’t have a clue and think the solution is more heterodoxy and despising of the Tradition. George Neumayr notes the same pattern of hapless dependence on leftist dissenting catch phrases as a substitute for actually thinking. All these people are doing is mouthing the gabble put on their lips by the very people who betrayed them. So sad.

Note, as well, the deeply secular models being applied in the Time piece: “”First up is a man in a gray suit. ‘If the church were a business,’ he says, ‘the hiring manager would be out of a job, and the CEO would be on the next boat out.’”

We’ve been governed by shepherds who thought like CEOs and hiring managers. That’s how we got to where we are. Let’s trying thinking with the Tradition instead of against it.