That said…

It is stunningly out of touch for the non-American bishops who have faulted the American media to compare them to Stalin, Hitler, etc for exposing the egregious sins of their brother ecclesiats. Here’s a sample of what I mean:

Jurors shown tape of naked altar boy

This happened under the negligent watch of Abp. Elden Curtiss, whose first response to criticism of his negligence has been to write letters assigning penances to little old ladies who dared to criticize him and who most recently was in the news for urging the teacher who blew the whistle on a priestly child porn fan to resign. This sort of stunning combination of arrogance and irresponsibility is not the fault of the American media. It is one of the very rare times in the past 20 years I have felt deeply grateful for the American media. Without them, creatures like Fr. Daniel Herek would still be raping boys and Archbishops like Elden Curtiss would still be arrogant shepherds who thought more of their thin skin than of the lives destroyed by errant priests.

So with all due deference to the “blame the media” commentariat in the foreign ecclesiocracy: you’re wrong. Yes, there is some stupid “analysis” courtesy of the Andrew Sullivan’s who want to use the Situation to advance an agenda in opposition to the Tradition. But they would not get an inch if the average person perceived the bishops as people who could be trusted. We don’t. And that’s their fault, not the media’s. How I pray they will take Dallas as a chance, first and foremost, to confess their own egregious sins (the guilty bishops, not the innocent ones) and give us some sense that they take responsibility for their own failures, not merely “express profound sadness blah blah blah” over this mysterious outbreak of priestly sin that, of course, had nothing to do with them.