Yes, you need to spell it out for me

I asked: “But what of the Henri Nouwens [i.e. celibate priests who have faithfully resisted their disordered inclinations and served honorably as priests]? Shall we punish the innocent just to make sure we nail the guilty?”

To which somebody named Jay responds rather testily:

“Homosexuals do not belong in the priesthood for the same reason they don’t belong in the U.S. Army or the Boy Scouts. Do I need to spell it out for you?”

Right. You need to spell it out for me. That’s why I asked the question. By “homosexual” do you mean every ordained priest who experiences same-sex attraction, including the ones who have lived celibate and chaste lives and done their office honorably for decades, or do you mean those who live in contempt for orthodoxy and chastity? The latter, I agree, should go. Likewise, I agree that it is unwise to ordain any more gays. But what about the Henri Nouwens I describe? I can’t see why they should be booted and I can’t see why you refer to them with such evident contempt.